for town of mountain city mayor november 8, 2016

Kevin's economic training through the University of Tennessee has helped him to be successful in recruiting new jobs with-in the city limits by providing assistance to Tributary Restaurant,  Cool Springs Nursery, Little Caesars Pizza, J.P. & Sherry's Broaster Chicken and Bizzies Fast Food Express. These businesses continue to  provide employment for many of our citizens. His personal and professional network of friends provide him with opportunities that no other politician from within the town has to bring in new business here.

Candidate For Mayor Kevin Parsons

If you agree that careful budgeting of your tax dollars eliminates wasteful spending then please show your support by checking out and giving a "like" to my facebook page below.

Welcome to my website.  I am putting you on notice to investigate how your tax dollars are being poured down the drain.  Warning- you may not be happy with some of the issues I will be covering but its my tax dollars too and for the past 5 1/2 years our current Mayor has  not been minding the store if you will. 

If you agree that careful budgeting of your tax dollars eliminates wasteful spending then please show your support by checking out and giving a "like" to my facebook page to the left below.

New Business Recruitment and Employment Opportunities 

"An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest."

My name is Kevin Parsons, and I am not satisfied with the current direction the Town of Mountain City is going.  When I was Mayor from 2007-2011, the town was in the best financial shape it has been in thirty years.  Money was being put in the town's emergency or "rainy day" fund at a faster rate than it had been taken out for much of late 90's  through 2007.  

When the current Mayor was elected there was 1.3 million dollars in the rainy day fund and some 5 1/2 years later the town has less than half that amount as he has used this money to balance the budget year after year.  Just this past year over $653,000 in budget amendments were added after the approved budget, prepared by Mayor Keeble, was set. This kind of wasteful spending must stop.

If you share my vision, I urge you to connect with me and help make it happen! Together, we can make a meaningful difference-- for our families, our communities, and our country. 

It is important that the Town of Mountain City have a knowledgeable  leader who understands how the role of Mayor fits in with the future of the towns success.  I have uncovered so many issues with more to come concerning the closed door deals involving your hard earned tax dollars.  How can any Mayor or Council for that matter approve budget after budget requiring thousands of dollars from the town's rainy day fund just to provide the everyday services associated with living in the city.  Then on top of that spend even more of the rainy day money to use for budget amendments throughout the year.  I am asking for your vote because if the current administration is allowed to continue it will surely bankrupt the town.  I can with proper budgeting and no new tax increases turn this downward spiral around.   

We can accomplish this by collaborating with neighborhoods and citizens before major projects are approved.  Getting more citizen involvement will create a better transparency of city government.  Too many times councils and commissions seek to generate more income when the problem is with expenses.  I will do what it takes to reel in the wasteful spending done at city hall over the past five years. I need your vote and support.  I have sent out two issues of my newsletter informing citizens what has been purchased with your money.   If you missed a copy I will be posting them on this website later this week.  Thank you for the positive comments and suggestions as we campaign door to door throughout the town.  

I want to serve as your Mayor because I want the best for not only mine and your children but for all the kids. Without someone trying to do something to provide things for them to do and keep out of trouble they will have less of a chance to be the best of what they are capable of doing.

Let's Get things back on track


Ben Franklin