for town of mountain city mayor november 8, 2016

  • Family comes first. 
  • Integrity matters.
  • Justice should prevail. 
  • Service above self. 
  • Honesty is a given. 
  • Humility is a gift. 

About Kevin Parsons

My 20 plus years of Government, public service and business experience can make all the difference. I am running because I want to make Mountain City a better place to live and work for my family and yours. We have a great place to raise a family, grow a business, and enjoy all of our natural beauty and fellowship of friendly hometown folks. I was raised here and continue to raise my children here along with my wife Ann.  If we are to ever have anything for our children and our grandchildren to do the same then we need a change at city hall and that will begin with your vote for me as Mayor.

I know by my accomplishments while Mayor that I possess the right mix of leadership skills, vision and business savvy to help set the right course for Mountain City. There has been no support from the current Mayor to ensure that this is a community that is even more attractive to young people and their parents and grandparents.  As city mayor, I have torn down the walls that has historically separated county and city government by creating joint partnerships with our county school board in better promotion and organization of youth sporting events as well as providing support in efforts to educate and promote better recycling of waste rather than send it to our landfills while saving valuable dollars to be used toward many more worthwhile causes.

The city and county have not had the best of relationships under our current Mayor and that needs to change as the town and Johnson County certainly face some daunting challenges. From record job losses to the high rate of foreclosure, I hear every day how this economy has impacted the people here. Everyone agrees we need to lure more jobs here but that is easier said than done. My family has recently brought some jobs to the city by recruiting a Little Caesars franchise to locate in a building we built for them and re-opened Bizzies Restaurant.

My top priority as Mayor will be to create a better and more friendly business environment than we currently have to help bring businesses and jobs to Mountain City. -- I've got the business and management experience to do it.

As evidenced by the past 5 ½ years verses my four years as Mayor what we have is not going to cut it. I have spent two decades as a business owner and know what it’s like to fill out the front of everyone else’s paycheck before I can deposit mine. I have had to navigate city regulations and have seen how a well run government can boost business and how a poorly run government can create hurdles. I am the right leader to be able to build consensus and make difficult decisions

 “I will not look to increase money in our budget by raising any taxes, I will however, look at every possible way to cut government waste and duplication of services.” We simply do not have the population nor financial abilities to continue mismanaging duplication of many day to day operations and services we have for so long ignored.

Your vote will be appreciated.  

My Values